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Marty Thinks 4D is an isometric 3D puzzle platformer. Jump into the role of Marty, a small robot on a journey to find his creator. With the aid of time travel, Marty is able to step through time and work together with past versions of himself to overcome any challenge. In the game, you are presented with challenges that require multiple people working together to succeed. Time travel will allow you to work with up to 5 of your past selves to overcome these challenges that a single player could never overcome alone. In this way, puzzles will be set up so you must play out partial solutions to a puzzle, then go back in time and play out remaining parts to unlock the solution. 


Marty Thinks 4D focuses on small puzzle areas, similar to what you may find in games such as Swapper or Talos Principal, only the stages will be seen from an isometric top down angle. In each stage you will be challenged to work your way to the exit with increasingly complex stages. Multiple Marty robots must coordinate their efforts and overcome challenges such as defeating enemies, platforming, and activating objects. In the game you will be using a variety of special abilities, each with unique purposes.


The game will take place over 5 chapters, starting with Marty awakening inside his factory. His creator (Dr. Mobious) has long since passed, and Marty has been trapped in an isolated existence, continually performing final commands of his late master. Marty determines that, without his creator, his life lacks true purpose... So he sets off on an adventure to rebuild his creator and discover where he fits in the wide universe. In the story, Marty learns about the human condition and the true fate of Dr. Mobius. 


Marty Thinks 4D features 50 stages, boss fights, power-ups, voice acting, a custom sound track and the ability to customize your Marty. You can also take on other players in our leader boards! Compare your fastest completion times for each stage against other players from around the world! MT4D fully supports gamepad controllers once the game is started but requires some mouse interface in the launcher menu.

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Yes! The current plan is to wrap up the final touches on the Beta. Professional voice actor, continue play testing etc... Once I feel happy with the single player mode I will be adding in a Multiplayer mode (which I will hopefully be able to show off shortly) and update Marty to the final version. The price will likely go up a bit at that point but for those who buy in at the Beta, those updates will be free!

Looks interesting (and cute, for how important this can be for a puzzle game)!

Will the final version still be available DRM free here on Itch.io?